So, you want to start a society! We try to keep it as simple as possible, so everything you need is included in our Society Starter Pack. Read on to find out what happens next!




This is a document which explains the aims of the society and what the committee positions are. Once submitted, it awaits approval by the Communities Zone Executive Committee (CZEC) who are a group of elected students. More information on the CZEC can be found here. See also Schedule 8 for Societies Guidelines & Regulations

We recommend using the template included in the Society Starter Pack. You'll edit the highlighted parts, including the society name, aims, and committee positions.

Please submit your Starter Pack (which includes your proposed constitution) to the CZEC by one of the following dates:

- 15/10/23

- 26/11/23

- 04/02/24

- 31/03/24

Submit to the CZEC 

Submit your society starter pack to the Communities Zone Executive Committee.



Click here for more details on the Communities Zone, and keep updated on our social media channels for future meeting dates.



All societies require 3 paid core members (President, Secretary, and Treasurer) to affiliate with the Students' Union. There is a "grace period" of one full semester for new groups to establish themselves. This means paying for a Clubs & Societies Membership (£5) and the set fee for the society itself (unless the society is an ED&I group, which offer free memberships). Memberships can be bought online through the society's webpage.

Society Committee


The society committee is a group of students tasked with running the group. 

All society committees must be elected democratically by current members at an Annual General Meeting, or an Emergency General Meeting if a post becomes open.

The President, Secretary and Treasurer are mandatory positions and will appear on the academic transcript upon graduation. Any additional committee roles must be voted in by the current membership and sent to the VP Communities for approval prior to being officially elected. All other committee roles are optional and, as of now, will not appear on academic transcripts.



If your club or society owns any equipment or material it will be covered by our insurance policy, provided that the club submits an inventory form by 31st May each year and as any purchases are made throughout the year. Please submit to