Our Academic Reps are there to act as a key liaison between students and key members of divisional and faculty staff.
They’ll be keen to gather your feedback throughout your studies to help influence the development of the student learning experience for those studying on your module, programme or year.

Volunteer as an Academic Rep this year!


The Students’ Union supports over 600 Student Representatives (Reps) who collectively represent and champion the rights and views of all 18,500+ students at an institutional, faculty and modular level. Academic Reps are the foundation of student representation and specifically gather feedback from your class on your learning experience.

We believe that students are the experts in their own learning experience, and we want to ensure that you have an effective and representative voice while at University. 



What are Academic Reps?


Academic Reps (Module, Programme or Year Reps) are students who volunteer to gather student feedback from your peers and work with others to improve the Student Learning Experience within their Module, Programme and Faculty. Generally, Academic Reps represent either a specific Module for a semester or a Programme or Year Group for a full academic year.


What is the purpose of an Academic Rep?

Your purpose as an Academic Rep would be to represent your peers' opinions and feedback on things that are going well and on issues that are affecting their student experience, particularly on matters relating to learning and teaching. You would facilitate communication between students and staff, attend Student-Staff Feedback Committees, and work closely with your Faculty Officers and elected Student Representatives. 


What are the benefits of becoming an Academic Rep?

By becoming an Academic Rep, you will:

  • Build confidence in skills, including communication, public speaking, leadership, and data analysis.
  • Gain recognition through your Academic Transcript, Saltire Award, My Stirling Award, as well as on your CV.
  • Meet new people, including other students and staff throughout the institution.
  • Receive training on how to gather feedback and give a voice to students just like you!


How can I volunteer as an Academic Rep?

For Academic Reps representing a specific Module, any student can volunteer through Canvas. Modules include an 'Academic Rep' tab which allows students to sign up and will show all students who the Academic Reps are for each module. For Academic Reps representing a Programme or Year Group, students should speak to staff within their Faculty and/or Division and follow their recruitment process.

Following this, your Students' Union will be in touch with further information about training and support, as well as the next steps to get you started in the role.

Volunteer as an Academic Rep this year!

We recruit Academic Reps at the start of each semester, to either represent a specific module or at the start of each year to represent a programme or year group.
To volunteer as an Academic Rep for a specific module, you can register on your module's Canvas page.

Academic Rep Registration

Volunteer through Canvas!

Information for Staff Supporting Academic Reps

Further information for staff supporting Academic Reps can be accessed through the UoS Staff Portal by the Students' Union on MS Teams. Staff can use this portal to share best practices throughout the institution, ask questions to other staff supporting Academic Reps or directly to the Students' Union.

If you have any questions regarding the Academic Rep System or Student Representation more generally, then please contact studentreps.union@stir.ac.uk.