From Trustees and Elected Officers to Sport Coaches and Club/Society Committee members, the Union could not exist without the contribution and dedication of our volunteers!

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Do something you love with like-minded people


Activities & Volunteer Coordinator

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Do something you love with like-minded people


Sports Union

Sustainability Roles

Making a difference to the student community and beyond


Sustainability Development Coordinator

Student Trustees and Officers

Interested in student representation, advocacy and campaigning?


Democracy & Representation Coordinator

Faculty Officers and Course Reps

Want to give your course a voice? Represent your fellow students.


Democracy & Representation Coordinator

Opportunities in the Community

In addition to volunteering with the Union, you can search for exciting opportunities in the community by visiting:


Track Your Experiences

Volunteering is a great way to develop your skills and build your CV. Many students have already gained a ton of volunteering experience by being on the committee of a society or sports club. 
Use our Activity Tracker to keep note of how many hours you've dedicated to volunteering. Tracking your hours throughout the year will help you submit your Volunteer Log (more information below), as well as prepare for the My Stirling Award and other awards that recognise your efforts.
Download the Activity Tracker here. You can then upload it to the relevant Volunteer Log below. 

Volunteer Logs


We are currently piloting the Volunteer Log programme, and its details are subject to change.

If you log your volunteering hours using the below forms, you can request an electronic copy of your annual Volunteering Hours Certificate. This will show the total number of volunteering hours you have completed in one academic year, along with some other details regarding the activities you participated in. 

The certificate can be handy when you're looking for graduate jobs or applying for further study. Please email to request your certificate. 

   Academic Representatives

Use the below form to log your volunteer experience as an Academic Representative for the Students' Union.
Community Volunteer
Use the below form to log your volunteer experience within the community. This includes activities both on and off campus.
Society or Sports Club Committee
Use the below form to log your volunteer experience as a committee member for a society or sports club. 

   Volunteer Officers

Use the below form to log your experience as a Volunteer Officer with the Students' Union. 
Unsure about your next steps?
Read on to the Volunteer Lifecycle section for further guidance!

The Volunteer Life Cycle

It is not always clear where your volunteering will take you, or even how to get started. Volunteer Scotland describes volunteering as having four stages, which we will introduce with some practical tips along the way!

Thinking About Volunteering

Ok, so you have this idea that you'd like to volunteer... What do you want to do and why do you want to get involved?
First, ask what volunteering means to you. Is there a particular cause you want to support or a skill you want to use?
Sometime people worry that, when asked why they want to volunteer, they won't give the correct answer. There is no wrong answer! Many volunteer to gain experience and expand their CV, and organisations want to hear this because it represents commitment and desire to be successful.
Looking for part-time, work-experience, volunteering or internship opportunities. The best way to find these is by registering on Stirling's TARGETconnect platform.

Getting Started

Once you've spotted some opportunities which seem right for you, you are moving forward.
Having the correct information is really important. Most good volunteering opportunities will give you a welcome pack, induction or a checklist to get you started. If they don't provide this, remember you can ask questions to make sure you feeling ready to begin.
If you are unsure of anything, you can always email for support, even just to ask some simple questions.
It is important to know your rights too, so don't be afraid to ask about your induction, training and travel expenses as most organisations will have a budget for them and you shouldn't be out of pocket for any volunteering.

Making a Difference

As a student volunteer, you make a huge difference in so many ways, and it is important to feel recognised. After all, you are giving up your free time and expertise.
Make sure you always feel supported during your volunteering, that you have opportunities to progress and learn new skills. Many volunteer organisations may offer further training. If it any point you stop enjoying what you are doing, just discuss this with the staff member who manages volunteers.
Student volunteers impact upon campus life, the local community or both. By being a student volunteer out in the community you are helping challenge stereotype perceptions of students. By volunteering within the Union you are helping ensure that we continue to operate as a student-led body.
Since 2012, the Students Union has been recognised for volunteering best practice. Investing in Volunteers (IiV) is run by Volunteer Scotland and is the quality standard for all organisations which involve volunteers in their work. Click here to find out more about the award

Building on Success

You might feel you are at this stage after 4 weeks or in your 4th year, there's no particular rule on when to move on or go further. As an established volunteer, you may be eligible to have your achievements recognised. Look out for upcoming Volunteer Awards (Local ones are hosted by Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise), log your hours with the Saltire Awards scheme and don't forget specific initatives such as those related to sports volunteering.
You may come to a point where you need to move forward. You may want to take on more responsibility, and consider a board or trustee position within the organisation. Perhaps you can become an ambassador and help recruit more volunteers, using your experience in a positive way.
Sometimes, things can come naturally to an end. Many organisations should be able to provide you with a reference and feedback to help you with future employment.
If you aren't sure what you have gained from your volunteering, contact or to explore this further. 

Volunteering Providers

Are you an external organisation looking to promote your volunteering opportunities to Stirling students? 

Providers register here

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