The Students' Union has a proud history of supporting sustainability and this is evident in our popular sustainability hub on campus - The Green & Blue Space.

Opening Times
We are open from 11am to 3pm Monday to Friday for end of Semester

A Central Hub for Living Sustainably

The Green and Blue Space at the Students' Union

From zero waste products and sustainable lifestyle swaps to re-purposing and re-selling unwanted homeware, clothing and electronics, saving them from landfill.

Bring your own containers and come refill from our gravity dispensers. Grab some vegan pick n mix. Soon we'll be offering Vegbags, with seasonal locally grown produce for you to order and collect in-store.

We offer a range of plastic free lifestyle items including like soaps, shampoos, body washes, toothbrushes etc to help staff and students minimise their waste.

We take donations throughout the year and welcome any unwanted clothing, homewares, electronics and unopened food. Food items are donated to Start Up Stirling not re-used in the space.

The Green & Blue Space is located just off the Atrium, on the way to the Students' Union and is open weekly to students, staff and the public.


Sustainability Project Space


We recognise that many students are knowlegable in something of value that others can learn from. Whether that be practical skills such as clothes fixing or upcycling workshops to informative talks and teaching sessions, the Green & Blue Space has a dedicated project space in the hub which is used for workshops, environmentally focused Clubs & Socs activity and so much more.

There is no need for you to be an expert in whichever skills you want to share, as long as you are keen in sharing your knowledge, we can learn together from there. The Green & Blue Space is also happy to facilitate hot drinks and snacks for these sessions!

If you are keen in booking the Green & Blue project space to run your own sustainability related workshop or event, get in touch with our Sustainability Development Coordinator at

Past events that have been run in the project space include apple pressing workshops, beeswax cloth crafting, climate cafes and many more!