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The University of Stirling Podcasting Society (StirPod) aims to:

  • Promote Creative & Inventive Podcasting,
  • Provide Podcasting Support,
  • Build a powerful podcasting initiative,
  • Encourage new and former podcast creators and listeners into and back to the medium,
  • Empower individuals and groups to create great podcasts,
  • Support Podcasting Collaboration,
  • Provide Space for Pitching Podcast Ideas,
  • Support Podcasting Planning (including the development of business planning; legal requirements and best practices),
  • Support Podcast Monetisation (including helping with advertising, promotion and merchandise sales),
  • Support Podcast related projects such as live events,
  • Support recruitment of guests and voice actors,
  • Support podcast pre-production, production, and post-production,
  • Host an annual Podcasting Awards ceremony,
  • Provide a ‘production house’ space for podcasts to be published.

We're a new dynamic society already forming partnerships with other student societies to help them launch and create amazing podcasts if your society or sports club wishes to start your own podcast get in contact via email: GENERAL.


Lending Library

StirPod Members and Affiliate Societies will shortly have access to our Podcast Beginner's Lending Library. Library Access.

The lending library received setup equipment from an anonymous benefactor and further funding from The Stirling Fund.


Membership Benefits

Not ONLY will members have the opportunity to access our workshops and society meetings free there is also a ton of social activities in the planning too, as well as the above-mentioned access to the lending library and StirPod Network (below) for FREE.

StirPod [Podcasting] Network

The StirPod Network - where individual society members will have FREE podcast distribution with their own user accounts, as well as a ton of great features.

This initiative was funded by The Stirling Fund.

For Clubs & Societies

We offer a subscription service of the StirPod Network to Affiliate Clubs & Societies and StirPod Alumni at a hugely discounted price - which is cheaper than any other Podcast host.

Not only is there access to the StirPod Network, but now your Club or Society can learn to make and produce a podcast in customised Workshops, as well as helping your Club or Society record and produce the podcast, we will also as part of the StirPod Network handle distribution. Please contact the SECRETARY or PRESIDENT to discuss.

Our committee members

1. President
Chloe Liddell
2. Secretary
Peter Conroy
3. Treasurer
Dave Gilmour
5. Public Relations and Social Media Manager
Holly Chalmers
7. Podcast Production Manager
Dave Gilmour

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  • Podcasting Society Non-Student Membership£5.00
  • Podcasting Society Student Membership£5.00