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Sororities are a female identifying society, and each sorority has its own values to work towards.

AAA sorority 3 main values.

Empowerment. Tri Alpha personifies empowerment, to mean individuals have the right to have the tools to better themselves as well as be confident in their own self. We would like to encourage our new members to utilize out of the box thinking in order to fight for core values they believe in, such as gender equality, equal rights and opportunities.

Attainment of goals (Academia focused). Tri Alpha promotes and would like to aid individuals in their studies, careers and future plans. To further expand this, we would like to direct them with catered study plans and peer study groups, involvement with the right contacts/services (e.g. student learning services with CV workshops) as well as motivating each other in challenging the objectives they have set for themselves. This is not limited to just academics but expands into social confidence as well. For example, Tri Alpha would provide opportunities and experiences to improve many interpersonal skills which are not limited to the following: confidence, public speaking and leadership skills...etc.

Physical and Mental Wellbeing. Tri Alpha prides itself on being advocates as well as ambassadors for good mental health. Therefore, we aim to provide a safe space for our members to be able express themselves freely and ask for support from any of our other members. We also wish to encourage them to take part in workshops that are provided by the university in order to be well informed about issues that current students may face and thus be prepared to support them as best as possible. Tri Alpha will also encourage taking part in various activities that are known to elevate moods and reduce stress such as group walks, taking part in a sport and/or musical activities/creative outlets…etc. Also, Tri Alpha is a pioneer for supporting true sisterhood, putting in measures to ensure good communication as well as a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Due to Covid we have had to change the way we work with both virtual, in person and hybrid meetings and events, so to stay updated please follow our instagram @trialphauos!

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