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Who we are

Who are we?

The Total Liberation society is a society dedicated to advancing the causes of all marginalised peoples, whether they be human or non-human. We apply the total liberation framework to all events; total liberation is an intersectional approach to justice, one that seeks to deliver just and sustainable outcomes for all. Highlighting animal autonomy and collective justice is our main goal and the philosophy that we carry with us throughout our activism and outreach. Principally, we are anti-speciesist.


What do we do?

Plant-Based Universities Campaign:

Our society is here to campaign on behalf of all sentient beings, including our non-human animal comrades; on and outwith campus. We have already had a great success with the passing of the Plant-Based Commitment Motion, (previously under the moniker of VERA: Vegan and Rights for Animals Society) details which can be found on the Student Union website.The campaign urges Universities to act on the best avaliable science and adopt a plant-based catering system.We believe that our University should reflect the values that most of us already hold dear - values like equality, justice and solidarity with one another; we also believe that a plant-based catering system maximises equality for both human and non-human animals.

Plant-Based Community Pantry:

We also launched a fully plant-based pantry in 2022 - the pantry includes staples like oats, cereals, tinned vegetables and legumes, UHT plant milks, teabags, as well as other versatile items. We deployed these pantry items near the union entrance, in order to make plant-based food accessible to all students. Total Liberation includes food justice for all, without compromising our solidarity with non-human animals and the planet. 

Anti Animal Testing Campaign - Aquaculture Department: 

The University of Stirling regularly conducts cruel vivisection experiments via the university aquaculture department - these experiments are conducted in order to benefit 'food security', which is code for the fishing industry. We know that the fishing industry has absolutely devastating effects of marine life, plastic pollution, as well as being a completely unnecessary institution. Extending solidarity to all life, we aim to highlight the detriment to thousands of marine lifeforms per year within the department. It is clear that University of Stirling, an institution that claims to champion empiricism and sustainability, needs to be held to account on this issue. More information about this ongoing campaign is available on the Total Liberation Stirling Instagram page. 

How can I get involved?

We are always completely open to new members and people to attend our meetings, so free to come along (even if you're not familiar with anti-speciesism, and are just curious about the topic as an ethical stance - we don't bite, and we always strive to approach others with an open, but educational stance).

We understand that a social justice perspective encompassing non-human animals may be confusing and jarring at first (due to societal inclination for anthropocentrism) and we were all newbies once, so feel free to wander along whenever we are hosting events.

We are most active on Instagram, where we often announce events or activism opportunities far ahead of time. To stay up to date with us, our meeting locations and events, follow @total.lib.stir on Instagram. 

Stay tuned for activism opportunities, movie screenings, outreach and more!

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