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Your Union - working hard for you

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Your Union working for you

These past 2 months have been a challenge for everyone connected with the University of Stirling. Our overall position is one that doesn't surprise us. We have such pride in all that is taking place to ensure students remain at the heart of the short and longer term decisions which need to be made. 

We wanted to outline both what the Union has been doing in this regard, and what we will continue to do (with the new Officer team) into the new academic year. If you've missed them, we've been providing regular updates on our website which you can access here.

Officers and staff have been working remotely to ensure academic provision remains a priority. We've ensured a 'no detriment' policy is now in place, we've worked through committee meetings and with senior University staff to ensure aspects of current online provision are shaped around the needs of students. We've worked with Faculties and ensured we are here for students as needed - for example, by liaising with Dial-A-Journey to ensure essential transport for nursing students.

We've been working with Accommodation Services to ensure students in residence continue to be provided for and are continuing to lobby both locally (with Centro House for example) and nationally alongside NUS Scotland, to ensure the issue of rent and living provision for students is a priority.

We've assisted clubs and sports teams to continue to engage online and delivered our Clubs and Sports Ball respectively online.

We have been integral in the wider #BeConnected programme which not only offers numerous ways to continue to engage, it also demonstrates the vast array of talent and opportunity across the University and appetite to engage. We've enjoyed hosting coffee and a chat sessions, live quizzes and sessions from our Interns in the Green & Blue space.

What the future holds

We are aware that there remains much uncertainty within wider society about what the next few months will bring. We wanted to re-assure those continuing with their studies and also those due to come to Stirling in the Autumn that the Union remains committed to making students' lives better.

Detailed discussions are already underway to ensure that any online teaching builds upon those examples of excellent work carried out towards the end of this semester and that all students have access to the highest quality engagement possible.

Social distancing means that it isn't yet clear what the Autumn semester make look like but rest assured, the Union Officers are involved in every stage of the University's decision making.

Officers and staff are working through what the Union can offer both in terms of our outlets, our support for clubs, societies and sports teams. We know through the interactions we've had with students and clubs there are aspects of uncertainty locally and indeed nationally and beyond.

Stirling is a unique community and at our core, we remain committed to ensuring we do all we can to help that community thrive and flourish in the year ahead.

With the new Officer team set to take office from 1st June, we know they will be committed to doing all they can to provide the best possible experience and provision from their Union.

The Union will continue to provide updates and you can always contact us at 

Stay safe.

Chloe, Amy, Josh & Gill


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