What happened at the AGM/General meeting

Find out more about what was discussed and debated at the Union's Annual General Meeting and final General meeting of the year.

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The Annual General Meeting and final General Meeting of the year took place on Thursday 14 March. Those present heard from the Officer team on the work they've been doing this annual year, and were presented with the 2023 annual accounts. Members were able to hear from the Trustee Board regarding the Robbins Centre, and were able to discuss and vote on a number of motions. 

To read more about the work of the Officers, and see what was presented at the AGM and GM, check out the Annual General Meeting presentation alongside the agenda and papers for more info.

Here are the motions discussed and voted on:

  • Student Union Declares a Boycott of University Commercial Services - Fell
    This motion resolved to initiate a boycott action to improve housing conditions, starting on March 29th until the University agreed to a rent freeze at 2023/24 levels for student accommodation. This motion also resolved to issue a clear statement for participation, providing alternative options for students, organizing a rally, contacting news outlets, informing students directly via email, seeking support from NUS Scotland, and promoting the boycott on campus screens and in the Student Union Venue.
  • Sustainability Policy Updates - Passed 95.5% in Favour
    This motion resolved to update the Students’ Union’s Sustainability Policy to align with current practices and guidance since the 2019 policy. This includes updating job roles and shifting the approach from carbon offsetting to carbon insetting for reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Hedgehogs over Squirrels Referendum - Fell
    This motion resolved to have a referenda on 'Should this Union petition the University to adopt the Hedgehog over the Squirrel as the mascot of this University?".
  • Alteration to Election and Referendum Regulations - Fell
    This motion resolved to overturn a 2022/23 motion, and re-instate the process of students receiving nominations to stand as a candidate within the Students' Union Elections. This would include securing 50 nominations for Sabbatical Officer candidates, and 15 for Volunteer Officer candidates.
  • No More Drug Disciplinaries - Fell
    This motion resolved to make changes to the disciplinary schedule of  Stirling Students Union. It repeals the section on 'Use of illegal drugs' and clarifies that personal use of drugs shall not be considered an offense under the section on 'Anti-social or inappropriate behaviour'. 
  • Save Our NUS Delegation - Passed 65.2% in Favour
    This motion resolved to implement a democratic way of electing the NUS Delegation leader rather than have the Union President as ex-officio delegate leader.
  • Students' Union Starbucks Affiliation - Passed 73.3% in Favour
    This motion resolved to mandate the Students' Union to cease trading with Starbucks as soon as practicable, and remove this from the Students' Union.

You can find out more about what was discussed in the General Meeting Summary. The full minutes from this meeting will be uploaded next week.