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Come and enjoy what's on offer on the lower level of the Students' Union

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Update on Students’ Union building

The upper level of the Students’ Union remains out of operation at the moment due to investigation work being carried out around RAAC.

Whilst this takes place, you can continue to enjoy the food and bar facilities we have on the lower level from our Underground (Starbucks) and from our Long Bar/Venue outlets – don’t worry, we have curly fries! It's really easy to find us as well. If coming towards the Atrium from the loch bridge, follow the path to the left down the hill before you enter the Atrium. If coming from Queen's Court, follow the building around the outside past Haldane's and keep the Union building on your left. 

We’ve got a great menu available which you can check out - what's your favourite?

We also have full bar facilities and are showing the Rugby World Cup (during operating hours) so come and check it out and support your nation!

We’ll continue to update on relevant events on the Union website and share any relevant news regarding the building as soon as possible.

For any help and advice or general Union enquiries, you’ll find us located in our new Atrium based office (next to the wonderful Union Shop) or you can email us at

Opening hours are:

Underground (Starbucks)
Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm

Food in Venue/Long Bar
Monday-Friday 11am-8pm

Monday-Friday 11am-11pm

Outlet hours may vary due to specific Union or University events (for example Open Days)

Union Shop
Monday-Friday 10am-5pm