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Union Officers Help Secure Rent Freeze

The Rent Review Group came to the decision.

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image of university accommodation with rent freeze win in text image credit: university of stirling website

(Image of Juniper Court Accommodation from the University of Stirling website)

Josh, Vice President Communities, and Amy, Union President, sit on the University Rent Review Group, where the decision was made that rent on all properties owned by the University of Stirling will have no increase or decrease in rent for one academic year (2021/22).

This has now also been confirmed by University Court. 

This means students applying for University accommodation can expect no increase for the new academic year on the current rent costs. It will not include Centro House as this is only part-owned. 

Josh, VP Communities, had this to say:

"I'm beyond overjoyed that the University will freeze rent prices for the next academic year. This outcome has been over 3 years in the making since we first negotiated a rent freeze on selected properties for students. This is a great win for students in what has been a very difficult year in terms of their studies, wellbeing and financial situations."

Applications for accommodation are open, and info on how to apply can be found here:


Tristan Ghigo
10:06am on 21 Apr 21 Well, as usual, freezing the price for accommodation isn't a great win, just common sense. The big question is, why some accommodations do not meet standards with ventilation, why some students were cold this winter, why windows close badly and let air into the flat? how is it possible to let students go to washing machines? they're so expensive! and to finish why for example in DONNELLY, some flats have 7 tenants with sink in the bedrooms and some flats only 5 occupants and no sink in their bedrooms? for the SAME price.
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Union Officers Help Secure Rent Freeze
image of university accommodation with rent freeze win in text

The Rent Review Group came to the decision.

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