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Union Officer Update: New Covid Regulations for Students

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Monday 28th Sept 2020

The Scottish Government have released further guidance for students, which includes info on seeing friends and family, travel and guidance for students on visiting home. You can read it here.

Friday 25th Sept 2020

We understand that the new rules students are being asked to follow, over and above the laws being put in place today, have caused a lot of anxiety and frustration since their announcement last night. Before commenting further on the announcement we want to make absolutely clear what those rules are:

What students are being asked to do:

  • Download the Protect Scotland app: to help with tracking outbreaks.

  • You are being asked to refrain from socialising in pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants or outwith your households. That is not becoming part of the law but will be enforced by Universities. Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister, has emphasised during her lunchtime briefing today that Universities can and will be using disciplinary action as a last resort.

  • Students who work in hospitality can continue to work as planned over the weekend (as long as you are not symptomatic, waiting on results of a COVID test, or otherwise self-isolating). This new set of rules for students is focussed on socialising specifically.
  • Students residing in halls or shared flats are being asked to refrain from going home for the weekend if possible as they have now formed a new household in their accommodation. 
  • Students can still take part in sporting activities over the weekend.
  • This set of rules is only in place for the weekend (Fri 25th - Sun 27th Sept), although that was not communicated clearly in BBC reports (and others) yesterday evening and so we understand why this caused a lot of stress and worry.

    To support these new rules, Your Union is closing the Studio bar tonight (Friday 25th Sept) and throughout the weekend, due to re-open on Monday 28th Sept. Hours for the bar ongoing can be found here. However we are still here to provide support and advice to students, and will be hosting a live Q&A session tomorrow (Saturday 26th Sept) at 2pm on MS Teams with the Union President to ease concerns and answer any questions. Click here to get the link to join.

    The Elected Officers in Your Students' Union feel strongly that these rules we are being asked to follow have been poorly communicated and caused significant distress to us all as a student community. If they had been clearly communicated, as they now have, then it would have saved us all a lot of worry. Our dissatisfaction has been communicated clearly to the University, the NUS, and with Professor Jason Leitch (Scotland's Clinical Director). These concerns are being raised by the President of NUS Scotland at a meeting with the First Minister later this afternoon. In addition, we will continue to stand up for your best interests during this time and will continue to do so
    as your representatives in our aims to Make Students' Lives Better. 

We also would like to make an important point about your welfare and support that is available to you at this time. We urge you to take advantage of the support available throughout the coming days, stay in contact virtually with friends and family and please do not hesitate to get in contact with our wellbeing services if you need to at any point.

Be Connected Programme

University of Stirling: Student Hub

You can also email if you would prefer to speak to Your Union. 

Amy, Josh, Lexi & Edd

-Your Union Officers


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