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Transport update

Find out what your Officers have been working on.

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Image of double decker bus parked in the bus hub at the University of Stirling

We were keen to provide further update to our members to let you know what the Officer team and the Union as a whole are doing regarding transport. 

Your Vice President Communities (Alyson) recently met with members of the FirstBus team for Stirling to represent your voices. The last meeting (3rd November) went well and the FirstBus team are genuinely keen for us to work with them to make the services to and from campus more reliable, and hopefully see the return of a drop-off point closer to campus accommodation. The FirstBus team will be updating all of the timetables on and off campus to accurately reflect when their services should be operating. Alyson is also trying to ensure bus prices do not increase (students should note that as of January all under 22 year old's will be able to ride for free). 

Serving the needs of students is our top priority, but we do ask that you are mindful that the team at FirstBus are currently understaffed and are frequently needing to pull drivers from their routes due to being in close contact with COVID-19. This is not to excuse or say your concerns do not matter, but just as a point to be aware of that they too have been impacted by the pandemic.   

Please fill out our feedback form if you have regarding the buses.

You can also contact the Vice President Communities directly should you wish by email: 

Image of double decker bus parked in the bus hub at the University of Stirling

Active Travel  

If you have any questions about cycling on campus or around Stirling you can contact our Sustainability Co-Ordinator Johannes Schamp by email:  

You can take your own bike onto campus and use one of several bike shelters on campus. We do encourage students to bring their own bike lock to keep their bikes secure.   

The University subscribes to Nextbike, a bike rental scheme that has bikes available for you across campus and town. This means that you can rent a bike for free for the first hour. Simply take out a bike from one of the Nextbike stations on campus, ride into town and lock the bike at another Nextbike station. So if you're wanting to catch a train, this does not mean waiting around and paying extra for a bus.  

To access the scheme you'll need to sign up to Nextbike.  

For those more interested in E-Bikes, we also partner with the Forth Bike Scheme, which offers E-Bikes around Stirling. Membership is £40 for students and £65 for staff per year, and includes free 45 minute rides. 

We have had reports from students that not many of the rentable bikes are available at peak times, we have reached out to NextBike to see how this can be resolved and will update students once we know more. For any and all cycling we encourage students to follow the Highway Code Rules for cyclists to stay safe on the roads.  

Walking is a wonderful way to get about and is good for you both physically and to take a mental break. As we are now approaching winter, we want to remind students to be considerate of their own visibility when walking in the dark. Most of the pathways from campus to town are well lit along the pavements. Even so, it is wise to wear something bright (reflective if possible) to ensure cars and cyclists can see you. Make sure not to walk on the road and to cross at appropriate spots.  


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