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Global Climate Change Week 2020

What can you do right now?

Supporting Your University Experience

Union Officers outline how we're here for you.

Climate Emergency Working Groups

Global Climate Change Week 2020

Black History Month 2020

Find out what's on and how you can self-educate

Art prints, posters & more

Make your new room feel like home with student friendly prices. #AD

Postgrad Welcome

A week of welcome activities!

Nightline is back!

Confidential, non-judgemental peer support

Union Officer COVID Update

Thanks for your feedback!

Union Shop - Postgrad Bundle

Postgrad? Get a great deal!

Union Shop - Hoodie Bundle

Get a great deal on your hoodie

Union Officer Update: New Covid Regulations for Students

Our statement, guidance and support available.

Test & Protect

Find out where to download the Protect Scotland app.

Guide to Your Union

What do we do for you?

Period Poverty

Not on campus? Now you can order free period products online!