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Stirling Fund Winners

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The Stirling Fund exists to support Stirling’s student community by awarding small grants for activities that contribute to University life.

So far, the Fund has supported a variety of projects including activities to enhance employability, excursions to learn about different cultures, new equipment to fund the development of student-run clubs and societies, and much more. We encourage our members, Clubs & Socs, Sports teams and staff to apply to the fund to help in our aims to Make Students' Lives Better. 

This year, we had a number of successful funding bids. Read on below to hear what some of these grants are being spent on. 

Faculty Officers - Management Monday

The Faculty Officers were successful in securing funding for their Management Monday's sessions. These sessions take place once a month to give students a fun social activity. So far they've hosted shortbread making and there's a pancake session coming up in February. 

"Thanks to the Stirling Fund's support if any student is financially disadvantaged, we can provide them with any supplies needed so that everyone is able to take part!" - Alyson Mackay, MWO Faculty Officer 

Women's Hockey - Coaching for our Coaches

The Stirling Fund granted the Club £750 which allowed them to apply for 9 spaces on Scottish Hockey's Virtual Level 1 Coaching Course at the end of February. 5 places were awarded to their current 1st and 2nd year members. The other 4 places were awarded to one of their female coaches and three of their male coaches from the Men's Hockey Club.

"This funding will allow our coaches to develop their current coaching ability, allow them to grow in confidence and further educate them on specific tools needed to be a great hockey coach. By awarding the places to current and aspiring coaches it will directly impact the experience of the 100+ members of our club.

We are very grateful for this opportunity to develop not only our club but our members as well." - Sophie Charlton, President of Stirling University Women's Hockey Club 

Union Events Team – Taking Your Union To You

Your Union was awarded funding to purchase an outdoor gazebo to allow us to ‘pop up’ where you are! From accommodations to city centre, we want to be able to bring your Union to you and the Stirling Fund has helped us realise that goal. Our gazebo will have multiple welcoming languages and provide a safe, weather-proofed way for your Union Officers to get out and about (when we’re allowed to again!)

“The Union is for every student and the Stirling Fund will now help us to be able to provide our services to students where and when they need us, whether that’s drop ins, helping facilitate feedback surveys or just giving out some much-loved freebies!” – Lauren, Communications, Marketing & Events Coordinator Students’ Union.

Women’s Rugby - New Equipment

Women’s Rugby were generously awarded £300 from the Stirling Fund to purchase new tackling equipment for the club. This will allow for more varied and dynamic training (when they are allowed to return!) which will help their players enhance their on field performances and will help teach inexperienced players in a safe controlled environment. The Stirling Fund has helped not only those currently at the club, but those who will be able to use this equipment for years to come.

“It’s a great investment in the club for not only current members but future members too. It’ll really help us going forward when training resumes” - Olivia Winters, Treasurer, Women’s Rugby Club

Women's Lacrosse - Project Funding

"SUWLC are absolutely thrilled to have received £240 for two different projects. Lockdown might mean that we can’t train like normal, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t perfect our skills. We have been given funding to purchase agility ladders that will allow us to work on our fast feet and get ourselves ready for game day!  

We also received funding that will allow four of us to train and qualify as umpires. This is incredibly exciting for not only the members who complete the course, but also for our whole club. We are always looking to #growthegame and this funding is a great way for us grow as a team and also to represent Stirling University and the Stirling Fund. 

Before the pandemic, we had a real struggle getting umpires for our games as we only had two members qualified, which made organising our BUCS games very challenging. I’m excited that once games commence again, the team will have no shortage of choices for umpires. These courses are also hugely enlightening and improve your knowledge of the game even more so our club will see a huge improvement!” – Lauren, Welfare Officer 


We'd like to thank the Stirling Fund and it's generous supporters for making all of these projects a reality. You can find out more about the fund here


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