Robbins FAQs

We're keen to provide updates following your feedback on the transfer of bar and catering services

image showing students using Venue

Earlier this semester we shared information regarding the transfer of the running of our bar and catering services, collectively known as Robbins to the University. We've been listening to your feedback so wanted to provide some details by way of FAQs. As we have further information we will share this with you. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

Q Will societies be charged to use the space?
It is not the intention to charge societies or sports teams to use the space. Robbins will continue working with students, groups, societies and sports teams to facilitate use of the venue to hold events, reinforcing the position of it being a hub for student community and experience.

Q How will we book the space?
We anticipate that the process for booking will be similar to that which student groups are familiar with for booking other space on campus such as Campus Central or teaching space. It will be likely that a reasonable period of notice for an event will be required. As further information is confirmed, we will share this with you.

Q What will happen with Welcome events in September?
The Union is working with the University to provide a range of ticketed and free events throughout the month.

Q What will happen with the Plant based motion?
The University have told us that they are proud of the wide range of catering options offered on campus. They have already seen how well their plant-based products have been received and are excited to work with the Students' Union on future catering options.