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Pandemic Pals

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From our recent survey, we identified an increased demand and appetite among the student body for peer to peer interaction, particularly during this time when meeting people through the usual means is near impossible. As a result we have launched "Pandemic Pals" where we match students in 2s or 3s loosely based around year of study, degree and common interests and hope that a mutually supportive peer to peer relationship will form. 

Pandemic Pals is in addition to our long-running and ongoing STEER- Peer Support programme in which Captains are matched with first year "Crew" to ensure that the transition into University is as smooth as possible. 

We currently have 19 trained 'Captains' supporting 37 'Crew' and have now matched over 150 Pandemic Pals! Our Pals span year groups, locations, ages and most faculties with a common goal of meeting someone to talk to and connect with virtually during these uncertain times.  

All of these roles are still open so if you haven't yet applied for STEER, find out more and complete the form here.

We hope you have fun getting to know your new Pal! 


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