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Officers' Update Oct 2021

What has the team been doing?

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Your Union Officers, Nela, Calum, Alyson and Sophie, have been working hard to Make Students' Lives Better! Read on to find out what they've been doing.

Nela, Union President

  • Promoted the COP26 on Campus activities - more information can be found at Union COP26 Pages.
  • Received "Carbon Literacy" training by SOS-UK to keep contributing to the University's Sustainability Plan discussions.
  • Engaging with the University to increase presence of international languages on campus and online.
  • Attended the Stirling Kaleidoscope: Shift Documentary screening and answered questions about student representation.
  • Signed up the SU to be part of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, a global collaboration of different communities working together to transform the economic system.
  • Attended the Court Strategy Day alongside VP Communities, where we had strategic conversations with different University departments.
  • Supported the logistics for the Diwali celebrations by connecting members of the International Society, South Asian Society and Union staff.

    You can contact Nela at

Calum, Vice President Education

  • Continued to press the University to review Ordinance 2 (student discipline) to make the process fair for all students.
  • Hired and trained more Undergrad and Postgrad Faculty Officers - congratulations to all that were successful!
  • About to launch the 2022 RATE Awards.
  • Held the first Education Zone meeting of the year, which had great attendance and discussion!
  • Engaged with the Deputy Principal Education about teaching plans for next semester.
  • Collaborated with Student Learning Services for the Contract Cheating campaign, that saw increased awareness and support provided for it.
  • Plotted the spot for the new University Time Capsule in celebration of the new Campus Central building opening.

    You can contact Calum at

Alyson, Vice President Communication

  • Trained more STEER Captains for the Students' Union peer support program (you can sign up for support anytime!).
  • Ongoing work with our Housing Officer to secure more affordable student housing in Stirling.
  • Completed plans for the Students' Union '16 Days of Action against violence against women & girls' campaign.
  • Ongoing work with several groups across Stirling to support survivors of consent violations & supported the #BigNightIn bar boycotts.
  • Held our first Communities Zone Executive Committee meeting of the year & approved 4 new clubs & socs, bringing us up to 75.
  • Ongoing work towards getting a sensory room set up on campus.
  • Alongside Nela, Union President, we represented students at the University Court Strategy Day.

           You can contact Alyson at

Sophie, Sports President 

  • Sports Exec Committee has met twice and we have begun to allocate funding for coaching and equipment.
  • Green Ribbon Campaign led by Georgie Frost raised money and awareness for SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) with ribbon purchases and clubs swapping sports.
  • 'She Can She Will' campaign took place, celebrating our Women in Sport.
  • Celebrated Black History Month through our People of the Sports Union Initiative, with more interviews to follow.
  • Hosted a President's Forum where we discussed campaigns, training courses and BUCS Wednesday operations.
  • Continued to work with both Robbie and Aedan, our Movember Ambassadors, on the Movember campaign - be sure to follow @stirlinguni_movember on Instagram for updates and challenges.
  • We also welcome Table Tennis, Shinty and Darts as the newest clubs to join our Sports Union family, bringing us to a total of 51 Sports Clubs!

           You can contact Sophie at


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