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Inspirational Women Awards 2022

Find out the winners and honourable mentions here!

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We think that Inspirational Women at the University of Stirling should be celebrated. 

We often see women represented in the media from around the world who have inspired us, but what about the women right here at the University of Stirling?

Whether they are a student or staff member, we want to know who you think deserves some credit.

The ceremony took place in Venue on Wed 23rd March and the list of winners and honourable mentions are below.

Woman in STEM

Winner: Samali Weerasekera

Honourable Mention Woman in STEM: Alison Henessey

Honourable Mention Woman in STEM: Verity Kyle

Woman in Leadership

Winner: Sasha Saunders

Honourable Mention: Iona Brownlie

Honourable Mention: Fiona Millar

PG Woman

Winner: Radha Sundaresan

Honourable Mention: Caitlin Mcgee

Honourable Mention: Ranecia Johnson


Winner: Diana Oliinyk

Honourable Mention: Anastasia Mendini

Honourable Mention: Lova Eveborn

Woman in Sport

Winner: Catriona Barbour 

Honourable Mention: Kat McMenemy

Honourable Mention: Sophie Charlton 

Honourable Mention: Harriet Tyler 

Equality Champion

Winner: Liz Forbat

Honourable Mention: Arlana Yessenbayeva

Honourable Mention: Lynn Maher 

Woman Staff Member

Winner: Dr Martina Quaggiotto

Honourable Mention: Erin Russell

Honourable Mention: University Cleaning team

Woman Student

Winner: Sammy Berninger 

Honourable Mention: Catriona Barbour 

Honourable Mention: Rebecca McPhee

Honourable Mention: Mila Cadene

Woman of Colour

Winner: Shanaya Desai

Honourable Mention: Haneen Akbari

Honourable Mention: Natalia Uribe 

Woman in the Community 

Winner: Pauline Keith 

Honourable Mention: Caitlin Mcgee

Honourable Mention: Rui Brown

Honourable Mention:  Alyson MacKay



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Inspirational Women Awards 2022

Find out the winners and honourable mentions here!

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