Inspirational Women Awards 2024 - Congratulations!

Find out the results of the 2024 Inspirational Women Awards

Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination for the 2024 Inspirational Women Awards. The ceremony to celebrate all the nominees was held on Thursday 21st March. The results of your wonderful nominations are:

Women in Stem

Eileen Tisdall
Heather Price
Ida Caspary - winner
Isabel Jones
Isla Mitchell-Foote - honourable mention

Women in Leadership

Danielle Ramsay - honourable mention
Ellie Hammond - winner
Eva Perez Leutza
Kirsty Park
Trine Witkopff

Women in Sport

Alice Coget
Emma Scott - winner 
Eve Thompson - honourable mention
Melody Goodlad
Sophie Sigsworth

Women Staff Member

Elaine Ouhibi
Laura Dixon
Melaine McLeod - winner
Nidia Rodriguez-Sanchez - honourable mention
Verity Flower

Women in the Community

Abbie Bonnyman - winner
Aliyah Hossanee
Charlotte Sutcliffe
Erin Smith
Janhavee (Jani) Belvalkar - honourable mention

Equality Champion

Eleri Kent - honourable mention
Leen Ali
Lucie Smith
Saihong Li
Verity Flower - winner

Four special recognition awards were also awarded:

LGBTQ+ Rights Champion: Lucie Smith
Disabled and Accessibility Rights Champion: Melissa Rodger

BAME/BIPOC Rights Champion: Leen Ali
Widening Access in Education: Honourable mention - Nicola Foley; winner - Aiman Jamilah Abdul Rahman