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Inspirational Women Awards 2021

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We think that Inspirational Women at the University of Stirling should be celebrated.

We often see women represented in the media from around the world who have inspired us, but what about the women right here at the University of Stirling?

We were blown away by the nominations this year and it's so wonderful to see women being celebrated and lifted in this pretty difficult year!

The full list of winners and honourable mentions is below in text format and a short video. If you won, we'll be emailing you out your certificate and we'll endeavour to provide a nice real one when we're allowed back to the office!

Equality Champion
Winner: Carron Shankland
Honourable mention: Tamara Dick-Reeder

Postgraduate Woman
Winner: Ashley Brown
Honourable mention: Fanni Tamasi

Woman in the Community
Winner: Emily Weir
Honourable mention: Merryn Green

International Woman
Winner: Alba Ruiz Diaz
Honourable mentions: Katharina Pruente and Sasha Hird-Saunders 

Woman of Colour
Winner: Samali Weerasekera  
Honourable mentions: Zothile Nkosi and Roshni Advani 

Woman in STEM
Winner: Rachel Norman
Honourable mention: Emily Munro and Martina Quaggiotto

Woman in Sport
Winner: Angharad Hopwood 
Honourable mentions: Natasha Love and Ellie Younger

Woman in Leadership
Winner: Julia Grootaers 
Honourable mentions: Elena Semple and Caitlin Turner

Woman Student
Winner: Camy Rosen
Honourable mentions: Emma Hackney and Esme Foxworthy-Bowers

Woman Staff Member
Winner: Toni Haastrup
Honourable mentions: Lynn Maher and Jenoah Joseph

Huge congratulations to all the winners!

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