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FIFA World Cup 2022

Read the Officers statement on the World Cup 2022

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fifa world cup 2022 watch the action live in studio

The 2022 World Cup kicks off in Qatar on Sunday 20th November. Here in your Students’ Union we stand against the hostile environment created and the atrocities that have taken place towards migrant workers and the LGBTQ+ community. We believe in equality and diversity and allowing our students the opportunity to express themselves. 

All of our student communities should feel safe and welcomed, as that is our goal. Following careful discussion, we have decided that the FIFA World Cup will be broadcast in the Students’ Union. This should not take away from our support for communities who are discriminated against in Qatar. We would encourage students to help support the following worthy causes fighting to tackle injustice: 

The Alwan Foundation aims to collect evidence-based data to accurately reflect the circumstance and living conditions of the LGBTQ+ community in different Gulf countries. Whatever the path is to change, visibility is the first step in that path. 

Amnesty International is currently running a campaign to get FIFA to take action on the mistreatment of migrant workers. This will involve compensation for unpaid wages, unexplained deaths of migrant workers and forced labour. 

We are aware that millions of people, including those in Stirling, adore the game of football. We want to share our passion for the beautiful game with you in settings that are as secure and welcoming as possible, as we believe that sport has the potential to unite people. 

Women, LGBTQ+, and South Asian student communities in Stirling will continue to receive support and encouragement from the Students' Union, but we also acknowledge that watching the World Cup may be upsetting for some student groups. If you require assistance during this time, please feel free to drop by, send an email, or speak to any member of the Students' Union. We have an open-door policy and work to make our spaces as secure as possible. 

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FIFA World Cup 2022
fifa world cup 2022 watch the action live in studio

Read the Officers statement on the World Cup 2022

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