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FANS Cards

We have created our own First Aid & Night Safety (FANS) Cards

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Inspired by the work of the Nottingham Students’ Union Community Officer, Muhammad Ali and their First Aid Society, we have created our own First Aid & Night Safety (FANS) Cards.

Designed by your Vice President Communities, Alyson, in line with St. John’s Ambulance information. They have also been reviewed by local services and printing was generously funded by Stirling Police Scotland. These are free for all students and staff.

The card has core information and links to support in Stirling. As well as key information on what to do if someone is unconscious and breathing, unconscious and not breathing and how to put them into the recovery position. These are the size of a standard business card and can easily be carried in a lanyard, wallet/purse, or back of your phone.

Grab yours from the Students’ Union office! 


image of card back