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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

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The Students' Union is committed to ensuring that every student feels welcome and encouraged during their time as a student at Stirling, Providing opportunities, engagement and breaking down barriers to participation are key themes central to the Union's overall Strategic Plan. To enable us to do this, Officers, staff and with student input have been working to embed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion into every aspect of our work. Making Students' Lives Better is a core commitment in what we do.

To find out more, watch our video to celebrate the launch.

An important step in that process is launching our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy (ED&I) which can be found here or by clicking on the image below.

This is the next stage of our work and it will be important across the Union, its members and clubs, that we are all working to deliver on what is included in the strategy.



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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Following student input, the Union has launched its new Equality, Diversity & Inclusion strategy.