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Black History Month October 2021

Find out what we're doing to celebrate black history

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black history month october 2021

October is recognised as Black History Month in the UK, of course, black history does not exist for one month only and should be taught and appreciated all year round. That being said the attention given to black history during this month can be used to amplify black people and their work. That is what we hope to do as a Students' Union. This is as much of an opportunity to learn for us as for anyone else. 

For this Black History Month we will be:

  • Supporting and promoting the events of the Afro-Caribbean Society, you can see their full events on social media or in the list here: This includes a movie night, live sessions on black experiences in the UK and a collaboration with the Glasgow Afro-Caribbean Society. These are all student-lead and include a variety of activities open to all students.  
  • Celebrating Black Creators - A month-long art/creative work collection on display in the Students Union. This will be a space for any of our black students/staff who have any artwork, poems, written work or another creative outlet. Please upload your creation here or bring it to the Students' Union Office. 
  • People of The Sports Union - The Sports Union President and Sports Union Communications Officer are working to highlight different members of the Sports Union. For October this will focus on black athletes and sports members. You can follow along this content on the Sports Union Instagram here:
  • Working with the University on the Santander Universities new educational programme Union Black: Britain’s Black culture and steps to anti-racism.
  • Continuing work on the NUS Decolonise Education campaign. Black people existed before slavery and colonialism and will exist long after. However, black people are some of the most affected by colonial ideals and systematic oppression in Western countries, such as the UK. This is why we are working to create anti-colonial workshops, developed by students and supported by the SU. You can find out more and sign up here:  


If you have further suggestions or feedback, please email us at

- Nela, Sophie, Calum & Alyson

  Your Union Officers 2021/22



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Black History Month October 2021
black history month october 2021

Find out what we're doing to celebrate black history

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