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Union Officers and staff are, as always, keen to ensure that students getting the right help and support during their time at Stirling. We know these are exceptional times, and we have been working to ensure that you are aware that the Union and University are still here for you. Students will still be in student accommodation and have assignments, dissertations and exams to complete. Supporting positive mental health whilst adhering to Government advice to stay at home, is something that is important to the entire University community.

With that in mind, colleagues across the University have been working to bring together a central programme of online activities and resources to support positive health and wellbeing and to ensure that students and staff can stay connected.

Your Students' Union is at the heart of this and not only will Officers be hosting events such as online celebration of the Sports & Club Balls, a weekly online coffee and chat and quiz, we are promoting a range of club activities that will be open to all.

To find out more, check out the weekly programme which can be accessed here.



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