LEEP x Fuel Change National Challenge 2023 (Signup)

Monday 09 January 2023 midnight - midnight

Hybrid (Online/ In-Person)

LEEP x Fuel Change National Challenge 2023

The Challenge Programme involves young people working in teams to tackle real-world problems related to sustainability that have been set by industry. These challenges have the potential to address the issues faced by businesses and create a more interconnected workforce. The program, which runs for 16 weeks with sessions lasting 2 hours per week, involves three "sprints" during which participants research the problem, develop potential solutions, and present their findings. Through this process, they will gain practical skills in innovation, problem-solving, teamwork, critical thinking, and resilience and increase their knowledge and understanding of sustainability. The program also provides young people with the opportunity for significant personal and career development.

- Develop your Skills

- Solve real-world problems

- Grow your network and become more employable!


Outline of Fuel Change National Challenge 2023

This year we are looking to put forward between 3 and 5 teams (5 people per team), so if you are interested, you will need to sign up quickly as spaces will be limited!

(Note - if you signup and you are not a member of LEEP we can't guarentee you getting in a team as there is limited spaces)


If you have any queries please get in touch 



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