Fencing - Stirling Sword

Saturday 29 January 2022 9am - 5pm

University of Stirling Sports Centre

The Stirling Sword 2022 will be held on 29th-30th of January. The team event will be held on Saturday, followed by the individual event on Sunday. The team event will be limited to 8 teams per weapon and indviduals to 32 per weapon so be sure to get your entries in quick! After a long wait we are looking forward to seeing you in Januray!



£15.00 (Individual (Foil))
£15.00 (Individual (Epee))
£15.00 (Individual (Sabre))
£36.00 (Team (Foil))
£36.00 (Team (Epee))
£36.00 (Team (Sabre))