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Housing Report 2023/2024 


Check out the report below.

Housing Report 2023

Statement of intent to fight the housing crisis and student homelessness 


The University of Stirling's Students' Union is committed to fighting the housing crisis and addressing the issue of student homelessness. We recognize that secure and affordable housing is essential for students to thrive academically, mentally, and socially. By advocating for better housing options, influencing policies, and lobbying the University to improve their accommodation in multiple areas, we aim to ensure that every student has a safe and stable place to call home during their time at the University of Stirling. Together, we will work towards building a supportive and inclusive community where no student experiences homelessness or housing insecurity. 

Statement of intent to fight rent increases 


We were extremely disappointed to see the rent increases announced by the University for 2023/2024. As a Students’ Union, we have and continue to make our frustration and anger clear to the University that we do not endorse these increases.  

  • We want students included-not priced out of education. We want rents frozen across the board-not increased. 
  • We want every student to eat-not skip meals because they can’t afford to. 
  • We want students to concentrate on their degree-not whether they can afford their rent. 
  • We want the University to support students. 
  • We strongly support our students with their response to the University following announcement of these increases. 

Stirling Solidarity Space Petition & surveys


If you believe that the University should provide free bedding for everyone in University Owned Accommodation, and lower rent on University owned accommodation by 10%, you can sign the petition by the Stirling Solidarity Space. If you would like to share your experiences with either student purpose built accommodation or in the private rented market, you can share it with the Stirling Solidarity Space.

An organising meeting will be held in 2V2 on campus on Wednesday 15th November at 2.30pm. You can also read the open letter sent to the University. 

Stirling Students’ Union Housing Survey 


In the 22/23 academic year, the Students’ Union hosted two surveys, asking students to share their thoughts on their housing experiences, with one survey for private renters, and one survey for students staying in University Accommodation. A full report is currently being worked on by the housing committee, and will be released Spring 2024. In the mean time, here is a brief overview.  

NUS Scotland - 'The Cost of Survival'


In 2022, NUS Scotland carried out research to look into how the cost of living crisis is continuing to impact students. To do this, they circulated an online survey, and received 5306 responses. You can read the full report on their website

The highlights from this include: 

  • 37% of students have considered dropping out of University or College, due to financial reasons 

  • 52% have skipped at least one meal because of lack of money 

  • 11% have used a foodbank 

  • 45% have gone without heating due to the rising prices 

  • 35% have been unable to pay their rent in full 

  • 21% of respondents have missed a class because of travel costs 

  • 13% were unable to find somewhere to live by September 2023, or were currently homeless. 

In almost all cases, the students struggling the most were from widening-access backgrounds, including estrange, disable and care-experienced students, as well as students who are carers and come from low-income backgrounds. 

Housing Guide


Due to the cost-of-living crisis, it is becoming even more difficult to find suitable housing. Because of the convoluted nature of the housing situation, it is often the case that students are unaware what rights are afforded to them as tenants. 

This Housing Guide was therefore created by Jess Reid (VP Communities 22/23) and Dante Lopez (Housing Officer 22/23) to help relieve some of the pressures students are facing and equip them with additional knowledge and resources. 

Please view the Housing Guide below. 


Alternatively, you can view the guide by visiting the following link: Your Housing Guide Stirling Students' Union

Further resources


If you need help in improving your housing situation, you can get in touch with Living Rent’s Member Defence Team

If you’re interested, you can complete a questionnaire to urge the Scottish Government to bring forward rent control measures.

If you need advice on homelessness, eviction, money help or something else, you can find out who to get in touch with at Shelter Scotland. To learn more about your tenants rights, including what type of tenancy you have, and how your circumstances affect your rights, you can read more on their website.You can also sign Shelter Scotland’s open letter to the First Minister about the housing emergency.

Learn about the Citizens Advice Bureau (Scotland)’s Money Advice Matters campaign

If you are having difficulties with your energy supplier, you can access the Extra Help Unit

Housing Committee


The Housing Committee was established to investigate the housing emergency and support the delivery of a report to provide recommendations to our University going forward. As this committee has achieved its objectives and finalised the report, the Housing Committee has been dissolved. Your Housing Officer and VP Communities will continue to fight for better housing.