In collaboration with Hedgehog Friendly Campus, an organisation funded by The British Hedgehog Preservation Society, The Environmental Enterprise Society has launched a project to make our campus more hedgehog friendly.
The Union, Campus and Estate Services, University Staff and students have come together to form a Hedgehog Team. Our goals are to create a safer and healthier space on campus for our resident hedgehogs and achieve the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards for the University of Stirling.

A Hedgehog Friendly Campus

Hedgehog Friendly Campus

Why are we doing this?

Hedgehogs are officially vulnerable to extinction in the UK. Human activities make it increasingly difficult for hedgehogs to carry out their lives safely. Littering can be especially dangerous as hedgehogs are curious creatures and may become trapped in plastic rings, bags or elastic bands. Hedgehogs can walk as far as 2km a night, this ability to travel is being hindered by an increase in fencing and walls, preventing them from accessing food, breeding areas, shelter or their hoglets.

Recent surveys have shown that hedgehog populations have been depleted by half in the last 20 years alone due to human activity. The loss of hedgerows, increase in urban areas, rise in predators and loss of food resources have all aided in the decline of this iconic species.

However, we can help hedgehogs make a comeback by providing food, shelter, habitat corridors and litter picking. Through these conservation efforts we can make our campus hedgehog friendly and ensure that resident hedgehogs on The University of Stirling live a hassle-free life.

Interested? Get Involved!

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A Hedgehog Friendly Campus

Julia Grootaers, President of the Environmental Enterprise Society with the award on campus. Photo by Louis Ware

Julia Grootaers, President of the Environmental Enterprise Society with the award on campus. Photo by Louis Ware 

We are a group of 25+ volunteers from Campus and Estate Services staff, University and Union Staff to Students. Through blog writing, campaigning, holding bake-offs and art competitions, talks, litter picks and spreading awareness we have completed all the actions for the Bronze Award within 4 months of founding the Team, a feat which usually takes up to a year to do!

Our Campus is now a Bronze Level Hedgehog Friendly Campus but we're not stopping there!