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Welcome to the University of Stirling Handball Club!

We are glad to see you stumbled on this page and want to know more about our club.

Handball is an Olympic sport that requires teamwork and strategy. It's a fun team sport that is perfect to meet new people, make new friends and find your place in the university.



This year we’re joining the competitive leagues so there will be the option to play socially as well as competitively. No prior experience is needed to join the club.


With over 25 nationalities in the club, we love to have various diverse themed socials (like our awards night) throughout the year to have fun together, on and off-court!


If you are keen to join this collective sport or have any questions, contact a committee member or message us on Instagram @stiruni_handball 

For more information and updates, follow our Instagram page !

Training Times:

Monday 11am-1pm

Wednesday 8:00-10pm

Friday 11am-1pm

Our committee members

Alice Coget
Tatiana Mesikova
Jamie McDiarmid

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  • Handball Non-Student Membership£35.00
  • Handball Student Membership£20.00