Who we are

Hi and welcome to the University of Stirling Water Polo Club!

The original rules for water polo were written in Scotland so where better to learn to play, or to continue your playing experience.


We train at the pool on Campus at NSA:

Mon: 8.30pm - 10pm

Tue: 11.15am - 12.30pm

Wed: 12.30pm - 2.30pm

Fri: 12.15pm - 1.30pm



At USWC we have two membership options;

  • Standard playing membership (£60)
  • Non-bucs membership (£30)

Our Non-bucs membership entitles welcomes members to 1 session a week as well as our social events and away tournaments. These members are not eligible play bucs matches



Water polo is a very social and thriving club on campus. We have both Mens and Womens teams who bring in a great crowd to games.

We play in BUCS Scottish Tier 1 and the British cup but also compete in friendlies with several multi-uni events throughout the year. Our club houses both international players as well as complete beginners, so there’s definitely an opportunity for you here & we’d love to have you! We are especially  great for swimmers looking to break out of swimming lengths or add something fresh to their training. 

Any questions or queries don’t be afraid to contact our president (jot00065@students.stir.ac.uk) or contact us on social media.


We would love to have you come down and give it a go! We will be welcoming freshers from Monday the 28th September and this can be booked on the Univeristy of Stirling sport app. We also have a group for our members https://www.facebook.com/groups/280869702392168/?ref=shared 



President: Poppy Anderson- poa00012@students.stir.ac.uk

Vice President: Mairi Napier- mkn00005@students.stir.ac.uk

Treasurer: Lucie Wiggins- lnw00005@students.stir.ac.uk

Womans Captain: Sophia Riemer- sor00055@students.stir.ac.uk

Mens Captain: Gregor Turner- grt00031@students.stir.ac.uk


We hope to see you soon!


Our committee members

Poppy Anderson
Mairi Napier
Lucie Wiggins

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Join us

  • Waterpolo Student Membership£30.00
  • Waterpolo Non-Student Membership£60.00
  • Waterpolo Social Memberships£30.00