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Who we are

Welcome to the Stirling University Economics Society.


Our Mission: 

Here at the Economics Society we seek to conduct economic forecasting and research with the purpose of providing the knowledge Asset Management firms or Government agenices need to make investment decisions and determine economic policy. At the Economics Society we will partnering up throughout the academic year with the Student Managed Investment Fund to enable us to apply our economic analysis to a practical environment by providing our insights into the macro and microeconomic trends that may affect their investment portfolio. 

One of the projects we are currently working on is an electricity demand forecasting model until 2035 in the state of Florida to ascertain its effects on the electric utility company NextEra Energy and how it would change its fundamental valuation as an investment. If this type of research sounds interesting to you we are planning on doing a lot more so feel free to join the society, we would love for you to come, no matter what degree you are studying there is something for you to learn and contribute towards!


Events & Activities

  • Economic lectures, events and workshops throughout the semester.
  • Extensive collaboration with other societies where you will get to meet other people.
  • Wide range of research and forecasting projects to apply your skills and knowledge.
  • Economic reading club collaboration with the economics department to talk and discuss a wide range of pressing subjects, email: if interested. 
  • And of course social events sprinkled throughout the semester.


What You will learn:

  • How to plan, construct, and evaluate economic forecasting models and understand their epistemological limitations.
  • How to conduct macro and microeconomic research in different industries and countries.
  • Learn different quantitative and qualitative skills needed to be an economic analyst whether in Business, Finance or Government Policy. 
  • How to critically evalute economic policy and interpret economic indicators to understand how it affects investment decisions and consumer choices.
  • Apply the insights you have acquired to make investment and economic policy recommendations for asset management firms, businesses and government entities. 


Our Committee:

  • President: Nick LaRue
  • Chief Forecasting Officer: Simeon Dzhonev
  • Chief Research Officer:  Ben Armitage


For any questions regarding

  • Society activities please contact:
  • Forecasting Projects please contact:
  • Research Projects please contact:





Our committee members

1. President
Nicholas Larue
2. Secretary
Maciej Miazek
3. Treasurer
Sandro Notari

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  • Economics Society Non-Student Membership£5.00
  • Economics Society Student Membership£5.00