Air3 Radio

Who we are

Air3 Radio is Stirling University's Student Radio station. Run by students for students. We broadcast online every day (during our two university semesters), seven days a week (and sometimes beyond on special occasions).

We are the oldest student radio station in Scotland! We have a wide range of programming. At one end of the scale, we have our "flagship" shows, such as the Air3 New Music Show and the Air3 Sports Show.

Meticulously planned and well prepared, these shows showcase some of our most talented individuals who are destined for big things! Alternatively, we have several shows that are quite simply people having fun on the air, about whatever they want!

We also recently opened a brand new podcasting studio so that students can book out slots and record podcasts, radio dramas and more at a professional standard. Air3 Radio lets your creativity run free!

You can listen on our website thanks to on your computer or smartphone. To keep in the loop with events, updates and news, you can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter

Our committee members

1. Station Manager
Maisie Smith
2. Secretary
Isabella Farris
3. Treasurer
Carly McKim

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  • Air3 Radio Student Membership£15.00
  • Air3 Radio Non-Student Membership£15.00