Earth and Environment

Who we are

See the events tab -> for which events are on and our social media for more detail! (Instagram: @stirlingsusee)

(Our weekly meetings are Wednesday at 6pm in room C2A13.)


Earth & Environment is a society dedicated to everything related to environmentalism - our events include food huddles, talks, workshops, walks, surveys, fundraisers and much more... 


Our society is mostly dedicated to food issues and our connection with nature. There is a lot of overlap between the people and our society and the folks who go to the Students Union community garden! 


We also work on bigger projects – these can be anything, and if you have an idea, please bring it forward! For example, last year we made a recipe book with recipes featuring foods that often go to waste. 


Everyone is welcome to join the society. We want this society to be accessible to everyone, so if you have any needs that we don't meet yet, let us know! We are always looking for constructive criticism. 


All our members have an equal say in the society - so if you want to see something happen, feel free to get the ball rolling and you'll have the back of other society members! 


Check out our Instagram and Facebook page for events, meetings and environmental tips! 

For any queries, message us on Instagram on or email us on 


Earth & Environment Society Constitution

Our committee members

1. President
Sammy Berninger
2. Vice-President
Ivet Stancheva
3. Secretary
Aneke Janentzky
4. Treasurer
Abbie Cato
Conservation Coordinator
Janhavee Belvalkar

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  • Earth and Environment Non-Student Membership£5.00
  • Earth and Environment Student Membership£5.00
  • Earth and Environment Student Membership £1£1.00
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