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We are a small, friendly society for students with a passion or even the slightest interest towards the Tolkien universe. Whether it be the books or the movies that you're into, or if you're even completely new to this wonderful world, everyone is welcome within our society. 

We are excited to run another year of this society and to meet and reconnect with new and existing members!

We have ideas that have been inspired by other societies, such as Treasure Hunts and Murder Mysteries, as well as our own ideas, like our Tolkien themed model UN style conference. We do wish to collaborate with other societies to create even more memories, and hope that this will become a thing we do in years to come. 

We are thrilled to receive new ideas to make our society even more fun, so do not be afraid to share them with us!

Our society meetups are every Thursday at 18:30 (6:30 PM) in room C.A7

Grab your sword, bow or axe, pack your Lembas bread and store that One Ring safe away from Gollum! We hope to see you for a truly precioussss year! 

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Instagram: @sutolkiensociety

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Blake Ross
Caitlin Beattie
Sullivan Reid

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