Dumyat Dragons Quadball

Who we are

We are the Dumyat Dragons, a bunch of Quadball enthusiasts.

Quadball is a fast-paced, mixed-gender sport where you can play handball, dodgeball, rugby and tag ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Come and experience the chaos. 

Quadball is the most LGBTQIA+ friendly sport in the world and at the University of Stirling. We're the only sport at the university that recognise non-binary identities on pitch as part of the official international sport rulebook. It is also the only mixed-gender contact sport here.

All our sessions and socials throughout the year are free and open to complete beginners. Reach out to us if you have any questions. 

Our give it a go will be on Sunday 17th from 12:00 to 13:30pm at Airthrey Castle. Meet up by the loch bridge at 11:45pm so we can show you the way. We'll be going to the pub after training, dm us for location.

We organise frequent socials like vegetarian potlucks, movie nights, board game nights and monthly trips to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester or Sheffield. Please keep an eye on our social media - for training and social announcements. DM us to be added to our FB gropchat.

Events calendar: 

September 15th - Q'IWA Queer POC Fresher's Party in Glasgow

September 17th - GIAG, Airthley Castle Uni campus

September 21st - Board Game Night, Uni campus

September 23rd - Trip to Edinburgh

September 24th - Training organised by the Scottish National Team; Kings Park Stirling

November 4th - Northern University League Development Tournament, Edinburgh

February 10th 2024 - Northern University League Fixture, Manchester tbc

April 2024 - British Quadball Cup, Sheffield tbc

(all of these events are welcome to everybody and you don't need a our membership to attend, just message us and we'll make sure you know all the deets)


Dumyat Dragons Society Constitution

Our committee members

1. President
Triskele Corbal
2. VP/Secretary
Khaliun Batbayar
3. Treasurer
Zoe Kennington

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