Strategy-Gaming & Role Play

Who we are

(HUSSARS) Honourable University of Stirling Strategy And Roleplaying Society


Come along to our weekly sessions where we will play board games, trading-card games and role-play. The first meet-up will be the 21st September, for further info please join our discord




We always welcome new members, students or not, to try out our society. With the growing number of participants we get every year, who have never taken part in roleplay, we also offer support and a friendly environment to those who wish to advance their skills in roleplaying, and workshops can be organised for individuals who want to try their hand at becoming a Game Master (GM) and running a game for themselves.

Visit our Discord Server at: to keep updated during term time, or just for general updates within and to chat with the HUSSARS community!


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Our committee members

John Moore
Yannick Herman
Ella Mannisto

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  • Strategy-Gaming & Role Play Student Membership£5.00
  • Strategy-Gaming & Role Play Non-Student Membership£5.00