Who we are

The Stirling University Politics Society is a vibrant and inclusive student organization dedicated to fostering a passionate community of individuals interested in politics. Our society transcends affiliations and welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, regardless of their political stance, knowledge, or experience.

Our primary objective is to cultivate an environment that encourages the exchange of diverse political ideas and stimulates engaging discussions on a wide range of topics encompassing politics, philosophy, and history. Through thoughtful debates, we aim to provide students with opportunities to broaden their perspectives and learn from one another.

Beyond being an intellectually stimulating space, our society places great emphasis on sociability and camaraderie. It offers an exceptional platform for connecting with like-minded peers, forging new friendships, and building a strong network within the university community. We strongly believe in removing barriers to entry, which is why no prior research is required to attend our events.

Whether you are a seasoned political enthusiast or just embarking on your journey to understand politics, our society warmly welcomes all students. Join us and become an integral part of a dynamic community that values inclusivity, fosters intellectual growth, and facilitates meaningful connections.

Our committee members

1. President
Lauri Merilaeinen
2. Secretary
Lisa Bierling
3. Treasurer
Janni Tanska

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  • Politics Student Membership£5.00
  • Politics Non-Student Membership£5.00