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The Stirling University Drama Society is there for anyone with an interest in theatre. We are a large group of like-minded thespians and theatre lovers who welcome new members all the time! Absolutely no previous theatrical experience is required, so whether the stage is your second home or you've never stepped foot on one and just want to try something new, SUDS welcomes you!

As a society we usually produce three full theatre productions a year; one in the Autumn semester and two in the Spring semester. In the Autumn semester we also produce a smaller-scale production called Scenes by SUDS, and on top of this we also usually host open stage nights throughout the year for anyone and anything! Our meetings will be held on Tuesdays at 7pm, where we will either do a fun workshop or meet for a social.

SUDS is one of Stirling University's oldest societies, and at almost 50 years old is nearly as old as the University itself. SUDS has seen many brilliant people come and go, and now is your chance to be part of that legacy! Our members are great, and we can't wait to meet all of our new ones in the 2023/24 academic year!

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