African & Caribbean Society

Who we are

Enlightening, Educating, Empowering. Those are the things we as the African and Caribbean Society focus on. We are a group that aims to be a safe space for Africans and Caribbeans, a space that’s fun and refreshing whilst also being educational and resourceful. We hold various events throughout the year that cater to the needs of our members enabling them to express their various cultures whilst learning about each other’s. We also aim to educate those who aren’t of African or Caribbean descent but who have a genuine interest in learning about our cultures.


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African & Caribbean Society Constitution

Our committee members

1. President
Manoo Kopa
2. Secretary
Laura Vaz Dinis
3. Treasurer
Emmanuel Chidiebere Francis
Events Officer
Manoo Kopa
Social Media
Laura Vaz Dinis
Jaden Charles

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