SUSNA Statement Regarding the UCU Strike Action

Read our statement regarding the ongoing UCU Strike Action here.

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Stirling University Scottish Nationalist Association wholeheartedly supports University of Stirling staff, and university staff across the country, who are taking part in strike action in the coming weeks.

For too long, university management has put too much pressure on staff by increasing workload to unmanageable amounts, whilst at the same time cutting their pay and pension.

The University of Stirling Vice-Chancellor, Gerry McCormac, takes home in excess of £200,000 per year, yet his staff face a never-ending turmoil over job security and face pay inequality on the basis of gender, disability, and race.

SUSNA stands in full solidarity with the UCU, and with our teaching staff on strike.

We call on all University of Stirling students to show their support by refusing to cross picket lines and avoid using university services such as the Sports Centre, Library, and Catering Outlets for the duration of the strike.

By taking these small steps we can show our teaching staff that students have their backs.

This cannot be allowed to continue. Our university staff's working environment is our learning environment.