New to cycling in the UK?

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Here are some pointers to get you started!

As a cyclist, you're an active part of traffic. For your own safety and the safety of other road users, these are some things to keep in mind:

1) you operate a carriage - it may sound silly, but that's what you do by law. As such, you are a road user and not allowed to cycle on the pavement.

2) be seen - it can be surprisingly hard for other road users to spot you. Especially since not every driver is used to having cyclists around. 

  • Make sure you're using lights. Not only in the dark, but also when it rains or when it's misty. Make sure your lights are bright enough.  
  • Although not a legal requirement, reflective clothing can vastly improve your visibility. You can get a high viz vest for under £2!

3) protect yourself

  • Although it won't prevent an accident, it can protect your head in case you do get into an accident. However, when you get a helmet, make sure it fits properly and you wear it correctly!
  • Make sure your bike is in good working order. Particularly your brakes. Remember to give yourself much more time to break when it's wet.
  • Where possible, cycle a door-length away from parked cars.
  • Cycle in the centre of narrow roads to discourage cars from dangerous overtaking maneuvres 

4) know the code - as a cyclist, you have to adher to UK traffic rules as outlined in the highway code. Have a look at the rules relating to cyclists. This includes both recommendations and laws, the latter of which are emphasised with MUST and MUST NOT. Have a look here for a more in-depth exploration of cycling and the law.

And remember, drivers need to adhere to rules too in order to keep cyclists safe! For example:

Highway Code - Rule 163 Give Vulnerable Road Users At Least As Much Space As You Would A Car Highway Code - Rule 178 Do Not Unnecessarily Encroach On The Cyclists Waiting Area Highway Code - Rule 182 Do Not Cut In On Cyclists Image result for highway code cycling rules