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Responding to your feedback on buses

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Transport to and from our wonderful campus is an important aspect of everyday life and we’re keen to address issues as and when they arise for our members. Transport problems can understandably be annoying for students and staff as they can hinder your ability to get onto campus on time for lectures and seminars. We try to engage in regular dialogue with the likes of First Bus regarding issues as we become aware of them but we also recognise it can often be difficult as across a wide network, messages can be difficult to get through.

We understand that First Bus is undergoing a corporate restructure and that this will have impacted them so have been trying to get across the confusion and frustration that has been reported to us around the issue of valid student identify for their services.

In the past 24 hours we’ve been liaising with First Head Office and now have confirmation that will hopefully be helpful to our members. First Student ID cards are not required between the Stirling Rail Station and the University Campus on the direct UL route and services that serve this route.

Services which require a First Student ID, as well as your regular student ID, include the 62A, 63A and 54 services. This is because these services diverge from the direct UL route. Should you need to get one of these to use a student fare on those services, you can order a First Student ID card through their web form here.

First, in clarifying the issue have apologised for the disruption and confusion this has caused. We have also been assured that further clarity will be communicated to the drivers that service this route.

Transport is and will continue to be a key consideration for students and we are always keen to have your feedback so we can raise these ideas/concerns of your behalf. If you do have any views or thoughts you’d like to share with us, please email or


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Responding to your feedback on buses

Following feedback from members, we sought to clarify issues for you.

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