Hedgehog Tracking Workshop

Wednesday 12 May 2021 noon - noon


Join Hedgehog Friendly Campus to find out how to survey for hedgehogs, a species now vulnerable to extinction in Britain.

This workshop will demonstrate how to find out if there are hedgehogs using your campus and give you the chance to get involved in a campus survey. The workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about hedgehog behaviour and ecology, or simply just wants to do something a little different. Students who get involved in the campus survey will receive a certificate and CV reference from Hedgehog Friendly Campus for taking part (students must email info@hedgehogfriendlycampus.co.uk directly to claim these). 

We meet in the atrium on Wednesday the 12th at 11:30. Bring suitable shoes for walking around campus.

If you can only come some days that's okay but you MUST attend the first session.

Reserve your spot via: hedgehogstirling@outlook.com

See you then!