Creative Writing Online Anthology Submissions Open!

Monday 08 March 2021 7pm - 11:59pm

Submissions for our Online Anthology are open.

Our theme this year is Work I am Proud ofWe want you to submit any work you have written that you are proud of. It can be of any theme, any genre, any length, any type. There are no limits or constraints. You can also submit as many pieces as you would like.

Obviously, we expect you to follow our usual submission guidelines of no excessive or overt violence or gore, and no fanfiction based on real people. Although we will be lenient of the first one as people may want to submit horror pieces. We do reserve the right to 

Submissions will close April 30th at midnight. All pieces will go live on May 7th. Please send your submissions to With your submission, please include a few tags to tell us what your piece is about.