Freshers 2022: Union Welcome Weekend

Sunday 11 September 2022 10am - 4pm

Lochside Marquee

Event tickets, info stalls, freebies and lots of helpful friendly faces - it's welcome weekend! 

We're here to Make Students' Lives Better so come along to find out about our incredible Clubs & Societies, Sports Teams, Freshers event tickets, getting a STEER mentor, Union food and drinks, buying a hoodie, how to make friends... anything and everything that being a Stirling student is all about. 

There will be freebie bags and Union Guides to collect.

If you're not joining us on campus in time for this, don't worry. All the information you might need can be found on our website or you can drop us an email to if you have any questions. We also have activity right through the month of September. 

We have a quiet hour at our events from 10am - 11am for those who prefer or require a quieter experience. No music will be played and stall holders will be asked to respect a lower volume level. 


*All Union events are subject to change or cancellation. Some events are also weather-dependent and may be cancelled or changed last minute. We will communicate any changes on this website and our social media channels.