Welcome 2021: Postgraduate Welcome

Monday 01 February 2021 11am - noon

MS Teams

Wherever you are, you can join in with our welcome chat session with our Postgrad Officer, Sonny, and our VP Education, Lexi.

Whether you're starting out as a completely new Stirling student or following on from your studies here into a Postgrad - it's a time full of questions. We understand the need to create connections in this online world we're in so join us on MS Teams to hear from Sonny & Lexi about all the things your Union can do for you in your time here, as well as ask questions and meet fellow PGTaught and PGResearch students!

You can also always drop us an email to theunion@stir.ac.uk and we'll help with any queries or support needs.

Join the chat here at 11am on Mon 1st Feb

All students have access to Microsoft Teams and please note the link will not work until the time and date of the event.