Welcome 2021: Speed Mating

Friday 22 January 2021 4pm - 5pm

MS Teams

It's hard to 1:1 in online classes, but we have a solution for you to make more connections and friends at University, online!

From survey feedback, our students said “Is there an online platform or software that facilitates a ‘speed dating’ like system, where students can have one to one conversation on line and then get switched every so often so they can meet more of their classmates/meeting attendees?”

Yes! Join our Teams meeting on the 22nd or 28th of January and we'll do the rest. We'll be moving you around, speed-mating with helpful icebreaker questions which will allow you to have more one on one conversations virtually. 

No pressure to add anyone on Facebook or get dragged into a whatsapp group, you can leave at any time, but let's be kind to each other in these wild online times! 

Amy, Union President, will be there to help guide the chat initially and settle everyone in. 

Link to join meeting here. Please note, this link won't be live until 4pm on 22nd January