Candidate for the position of Sports President

Murray Bushell

Bring Back Bushell


Hi, I’m Murray Bushell, the 2022/3 Sports Union President, and I’m running for a second term as Sports President, after an amazing first year! This year has been a great insight to the inner workings of our Sports Union and has equipped me with the necessary experience to build on my previous work with the ambition of making a real difference in our sports community in the next year.

So, year one complete.

Year 2? Here’s the plan.

Continuity – During my past year in office I have established fundamental relationships with the Sports Union, Sports Centre, and University staff, all of which are vital when it comes to co-operation between sporting facilities and students. Going into the new term with these relationships already developed would help me implement my plans from the get-go more efficiently and would provide for a seamless transition from this year to the next.  

Alumni – I believe that a close connection with our sports union alumni is crucial when it comes to the growth of clubs. My target is to launch an Alumni Fund, to allow further financial support to our sports club development. To keep alumni involved with the University, I have plans to host an Alumni day which would enable past students to engage with present sporting clubs and to appreciate the difference their support can make. These relationships would create additional possibilities surrounding mentorship and internship to further benefit individuals within the Sports Union and clubs.

Promotion – Recognition of achievement is paramount in sport. I would strive to promote our Sports Union teams to showcase the wide array of sports our university has to offer and our different success stories that comes with it. A greater regard must be paid towards our other sports to advocate for our diverse range of Sporting clubs within the University.  Besides our successful performance, a key part of any sport that must also be endorsed is the culture, participation, engagement, and performance. I aspire to make these aspects as appreciated and included in the overall success of our clubs. 

Development – Umpiring and coaching courses are central to the development of our Sports Union members and their success. Having qualified coaches for clubs throughout the Sports Union can only have a positive impact and allow our clubs to continue to prosper. Moreover, I would investigate how we could provide superior support to our clubs which again reinstates my desire to help with the club’s opportunities to perform better. Whether this comes in the form of outside support such as BUCS affiliation, which would provide additional funding for clubs which could go towards umpiring and coaching situations, or support from myself through more regular team meetings, my overall goal is to make being a participant of a sports club at Stirling a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. 

So, year 2? Bring Back Bushell.